Stranded in El Paso due to a volcanic ash cloud

One of the responsibilities of C├ędric John at Imperial College London is to teach on the Msc Petroleum Geology, and this includes a one-week carbonate field course in the Guadalupe Mountains of Texas and New Mexico. Unfortunately, in 2010 this coincided with the volcanic eruption in Iceland. As a consequence, 53 students and members of staff were stranded in El Paso a few weeks before the final exam. Veerle Vandeginste was another member of group stranded in El Paso, as well as other staff from Imperial College London such as Dr Tara LaForce and Dr Peter Allison. The University of Texas at El Paso very kindly and generously provided a lot of logistical support so that students could prepare for their exam. The story was picked up in the medias, including UTEP press servicethe Examiner, and an article in the AAPG Bulletin.